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 Post subject: Forum Policy - Required Reading
PostPosted: 24 Aug 2012 12:03 
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Greetings and welcome to the (New) Integrated Close Combat Forum. New because we are now completely family oriented and here to focus on all of our needs and concerns in these trying times.

We are delighted to have you as a participating member, and want you to recognize that ICCF is now your forum as well. Please peruse the following carefully or you may find your account deleted, or outright banned and be wondering why. ICCF is a different forum, a safe haven for all to post without being molested or demeaned. We also encourage women and mature young adults to join therefore we like to maintain a level of politeness and sensibleness so all are comfortable. Learning needs a comfortable environment in which to nurture the process.

About this forum…


Please allow me to introduce myself; I am kilogulf59 or Ken and I am the founder and administrator of this forum.

It is my sincere wish that this forum be a home for like-minded individual’s i.e. private citizens, law enforcement officers, and the military, male or female, young or old, who can maturely and intelligently discuss the various topics related to all facets of the fields of personal combat or self-defense, if you will, and survival and preparedness.

My personal interests in Close Combat skills and Preparedness/Survival are both historical and practical. As you well know, I am sure; there is a magnitude of misinformation floating around on these subjects. Since we all own weaponry, or should, one of our primary concerns is the safety and well-being of our families, our homes, and ourselves. All these subject matters are covered and much more.

This being the case, I feel a practical dialog on these topics is the best way to properly educate ourselves as to what it is, exactly, we need to gain knowledge of, execute, acquire, and practice.

In addition, I am not claiming to be an expert on these subjects, by any means. It is my hope that we can all become knowledgeable together. That’s the point of ICCF, a place where WE ALL CAN LEARN AND HELP EACHOTHER.

Should you have any forum queries or proposals please feel free to Email or PM me, thank you.

With that said, welcome, enjoy, and please continue reading this post.

ICCF Regulations (PLEASE READ):

Note on moderation: If a member finds that, a staff member is moderating him (or her); do not balk at the moderation. The rules are not a subject of debate, nor do you get to interpret them as you see fit. That is not how it works. That should not be too surprising. After all, where else in this world do we get to say and do anything we please and treat others with contempt? You do not. Nor will it be tolerated here at ICCF…THERE ARE WOMEN AND YOUNG PEOPLE HERE…REMEMBER THAT!

Causes for instant account termination (banned):

    1. Obscene or profane language.
    2. Trollish, argumentative, or childish behavior.
    3. Sexually oriented language.
    4. Racial, religious, or political posts.
    5. Self-promotional or sales oriented posts. Note: Here’s what is and is not allowed:
      ________a. Simple links in the member’s signature line are acceptable.
      ________b. Links accompanying a post (not in lieu of a post), in support of the topic, are permissible IF they are not a sales pitch for the members product, forum, website, or blog.
      ________c. Links referencing back to a members forum, website, or blog ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Doing such is merely uncouth and insulting to our members and guests. ICCF is a serious educational discussion forum not a free advertisement billboard.
      ________d. In other words people if you joined ICCF to self-promote take it somewhere else you’re not welcome here.
    7. In plain English…being a JERK. If you are a jerk, you will be one somewhere else pronto.

Please consider that these rules were drafted of necessity simply because of impolite, rude, and boorish people. Trust us that it is not ICCF’s intent to add another set of regulations to one’s life; it was forced upon us by the uncouth. It really is very simple folks, be a regular Jane or Joe and you will not have any problems.

Thank you and enjoy YOUR forum, Take Care and Stay Safe,
Ken aka kilogulf59

Take Care and Stay Safe,
Ken aka kilogulf59

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