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A family oriented self defense, preparedness, survival, and basic first-aid forum.
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Welcome to ICCF!
The Integrated Close Combat Forum is a family oriented way-place for women, men, young, and old to seek and share the knowledge of all facets of close combat (or so-called self-defense), with or devoid of weaponry, basic first-aid and emergency preparedness/survival, and other related issues, a place where WE ALL CAN LEARN AND HELP EACH OTHER.

ICCF differentiates between the needs of the non-professional aka “civilian”, the police/law enforcement officer (who is technically a civilian), and the armed forces member, the young and old, the healthy/athletic types and those of us who are no longer very healthy and/or very athletic. As well, ICCF doesn't overlook the specific sub-categories thereof either, e.g. an infirmed person, a traffic officer, or a forward artillery observer, et cetera. While certain skills overlap, individual circumstance will dictate the essential instruction and guidance.

We respect, with vigilance, that the issues and queries presented be viewed, at least, from the perspective of an archetypal individual, if there is such, and that ICCF is not necessarily a professionals or instructor based forum though we do have many as members.

ICCF recognizes that there is rarely an unadulterated culminating procedure, in other words, there are no absolutes. We consider that there are right ways and wrong ways, there's safe ways and unsafe ways, there's your ways and there's my ways...nevertheless, as long as your way WORKS FOR YOU it's THE way and maybe we can assist you and ourselves in discovering it...


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